Meet the innovative, proud and industrious people who live at edges of the mountains. Eat their kind of food and enjoy both the clean, crisp air and the sense of time standing still….

Fjord Exploration offers both tailored and customized adventures for small groups that includes accommodation, transport, activities, meals and experiences. Sunnmøre is the home of majestic mountains and deep fjords like Hjørundfjord and Storfjord. In the immediate proximity, you also find the famous Geirangerfjord, listed on the World Heritage list together with Tafjord.

In January 1904, a terrible fire raged through Ålesund. In the space of 16 hours, 850 houses burned to the ground, and ten thousand people were left homeless.

Miraculously only one person died as a result of the fire. The town was quickly rebuilt in the period from 1904-1907. Only three days after the fire, the first German ships came with emergency assistance, at the instigation of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Kaiser had been visiting the fjords around Ålesund several times and was a regular visitor to our region.

Ålesund got rebuilt in the art noveau style and is renowned both nationally and internationally for its architecture. Make time for a stroll through the streets and discover the many and varied expressions of art noveau.

Source: www.visitalesund.no

All season activities

Hjørundfjord – unexpected Sightseeing & Options

  • Price NOK 20 000,- for 8 persons
  • Maximum 10 persons
  • Season April – October
  • Duration 6-7 hours
  • Information: Captain in English

Hjørundfjord – Norangsfjord Sightseeing

  • Price NOK 16 800 for 8 persons
  • Maximum 10 persons
  • Season January to December
  • Duration 6-7 hours
  • Information: Captain in English

Hjørundfjord  – Summer pastures Sightseeing & Options

  • Price NOK 9.800 for a group
  • Maximum 8 persons
  • Season May to September
  • Duration 7-8 hours
  • Guide: Professional in English

Geirangerfjord I

Join us for a Geirangerfjord sightseeing onboard our comfortable speed-yacht. The deep blue UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord, surrounded by majestic snow-covered mountain peaks, wild waterfalls and lush, green vegetation.

You would have to be exceptionally blasé if you fail to be impressed by this astounding creation of Mother Nature, emphasized by the will of man to maintain a foothold on the steep mountainsides and glean a living here.

Impressive waterfalls cast cascades of thundering water from almost vertical mountainsides. The famous falls De syv søstrene (“the Seven Sisters”), Friaren (“the Suitor”) and Brudesløret (“the Bridal Veil”) tease the cliffs with feather‐light sheer veils of mist whose mission is to create a never‐ending display of changing rainbows to fill you with delight and wonder.

Geiranger is in the process of being certified as a Sustainable Destination, a seal of approval given to destinations that work systematically to reduce the negative impact of tourism. In addition to providing visitors with enjoyable experiences, Geiranger wishes to preserve the local nature, culture and environment, strengthen social values and be economically viable. The municipality and the travel industry cooperate closely to assure that the destination is a great place both to live in and to visit. (Reference: visitnorway.com)


  • Where in Norway: Ålesund region
  • Season: March to October
  • Route: Stordal – Geiranger – Stordal
  • Duration: 6 – 7 hours
  • Group size: Maximum 8 persons
  • Starting time: 9:00
  • Prices: Per tour NOK 8.600 (meeting point at Stordal). Equivalent to NOK 1075 per person given a group size of 8 persons. Please note: we are not selling the round tour per person
  • Included services: Round trip. One hour stop at Geiranger.
  • About the boat: Cruising speed 25 knots. Heated cabins. Toilet facilities.    
  • Information: Given by Captain in English
  • Equipment: proper clothing according to weather condition. We recommend to bring a windbreaker
  • Lunch: We recommend to buy lunch at one of the many small restaurants at Geiranger
  • Meeting point at Stordal. Other convenient meeting points are priced separately. Please make an enquiry on places and prices.

This round trip can be tailored to suit your interests and preferences.

Geirangerfjord – Photo: Shutterstock
Geriangerfjord Photo: Shutterstock

Hiking to farm from 1200 century

With a fantastic view of the Storfjord, the farm Ytste-Skotet is situated up in the mountain. There have been farms here since the Viking era, and even today Ytste-Skotet farm is without electricity and running water. Visit a museum full of life!

Location: Boat from Stordal approximately 15 minutes – Total duration 4 hours – Meals: Bring your own packed lunch. Coffee and tea included – Number of people: 2-10 – Season: 15.May – 15.Sep – Guiding: Professional – Price: NOK 1350 per person.

A picture postcard mountain farm overlooking the Storfjord in Stordal. The last owners of Ytste-Skotet vacated the farm in 1954, but in recent years it has been fully renovated with all the buildings a large farm needs. The farm is still without electricity and running water, and is a living museum open to visitors in the summer.

  • Boat from Stordal to the farm “Ytste Skotet”
  • Hiking offroad approximately 250 meters above sea level to the farm
  • Boat back to Stordal

We are cooperating closely with the operators on the farm, and we have made special agreements regarding entrance and possible accommodations.

This hiking tour includes walking off-road and through the forest, and suitable footwear for the hiking is necessary. Open video link to the farm.

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