Meet the innovative, proud and industrious people who live at edges of the mountains. Eat their kind of food and enjoy both the clean, crisp air and the sense of time standing still….

Fjord Exploration offers both tailored and customized adventures for small groups that includes accommodation, transport, activities, meals and experiences. Sunnmøre is the home of majestic mountains and deep fjords like Hjørundfjord and Storfjord. In the immediate proximity, you also find the famous Geirangerfjord, listed on the World Heritage list together with Tafjord.

Ålesund is the most beautiful city in Norway and a hub for all other activity in Sunnmøre. In January 1904, a terrible fire raged through the city. In the space of 16 hours, 850 houses burned to the ground, and ten thousand people were left homeless.

Miraculously only one person died as a result of the fire. The town was quickly rebuilt in the period from 1904-1907. Only three days after the fire, the first German ships came with emergency assistance, at the instigation of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Kaiser had been visiting the fjords around Ålesund several times and was a regular visitor to our region.

Ålesund got rebuilt in the art noveau style and is renowned both nationally and internationally for its architecture. Make time for a stroll through the streets and discover the many and varied expressions of art noveau.

All season activities

Hjørundfjord – unexpected 

  • Price NOK 20 000,- for 8 persons
  • Maximum 10 persons
  • Season April – October
  • Duration 6-7 hours
  • Information: Captain in English

Hjørundfjord – Norangsfjord 

  • Price NOK 16 800 for 8 persons
  • Maximum 10 persons
  • Season January to December
  • Duration 6-7 hours
  • Information: Captain in English

Hjørundfjord  – Summer pastures 

  • Price NOK 9.800 for a group
  • Maximum 8 persons
  • Season May to September
  • Duration 7-8 hours
  • Guide: Professional in English