About us

Fjord Exploration welcomes you to our precious and somewhat hidden backyard. We welcome you to discover and experience the beauty and history of our pittoresque fjords and the unique villages surrounding them.

View from the top of Eidsdal village, overlooking Storfjord

The people of Fjord Exploration

Fjord Exploration provides extended ground services based on our local knowledge and an alliance of several quality providers. Our partners has grown up here and we all share the same vision; to look after our historical and cultural heritage. At the same time, we must build local societies for the future. Societies that keep traditions, nature and environmental goals close to heart. Everyday we strive to make our environmental footprint as small as possible and we want to facilitate your journey to do the same.

The people of Fjord Exploration has grown up in these surroundings and are looking forward to give you some authentic and memorable days in their paradise.

Nina is our CEO, she grew up outside of Ålesund and has been part of the hospitality business for almost 30 years. She lives in a small village in Hjørundfjord, from where she runs Fjord Exploration and tend to her family farm.

Terje is the founder and chairman of our board. He has been running his own businesses since the 80’s and is currently CEO of two other companies. He loves beeing out with his beloved boat and can’t wait for you to be his guests onboard.

Synnøve lives in Norddal where she is helping us keeping track of projects, marketing and sales. She is also the head brewer at Tonga Gardsbryggeri and has a special interest for people’s health and wellbeing.